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(HTTP Digest Method)

HTTP Digest Authentication.
Click to log in. Your browser's login form will pop up. Enter your login details.
Your browser will generate a md5-based hash from the password to be matched at the server.
(This avoids needing to send the actual password over the network).


Plain old fashioned user/pass login form - note: not encrypted - we might add tls in future but its not there yet (for now the "Digest" option is the safer option if your browser supports it)

You can also log in by using your existing account on any of these services or networks:
Connect with Facebook
Sign in with Twitter
This will take you to a page to log in via the Janrain service
No longer available

The Persona service has shut down More Information here

If you have not set a password for direct login
or enabled another login method by now there isn't much we can do about it.
You will need to register a new login.